A bold new look for Khan’s Indian restaurant

Khan’s has been around for ages! One of the longest standing restaurants on Lavender Hill, noted for relatively low-fat cuisine free of artificial colourings, an approach which they adopted ahead of its time. Along with its sister restaurant in Epsom, Khan’s has served generations of residents with decent food in relatively simple surroundings.

But after the best part of two decades, there’s no denying that the restaurant itself had started to look past its best. The sign had lost a few letters, the boast that the premises were ‘Fully Air Conditioned’ was increasingly reminiscent of hotels boasting of “Colour TV”, and the interior was tired with worn flooring and a general decor that (despite the occasional minor update) had been overtaken by its neighbours – all in all, it needed a bit of a spruce up.

And that’s exactly what Khan’s has just done. With a new owner and what looks like quite a significant amount of investment, it has – over a few months – had a comprehensive makeover. Works started quietly with new bathrooms and work on the bar, but have really ramped up over the last month with new high-gloss flooring, a new backlit bar, new walls and ceiling, a huge amount of floral decoration, a smarter more streamlined counter, a complete replacement of the furniture (which now includes stone-and-brass tables and far more comfortable chairs), have had quite an impact. There’s been a bit of minor building work too, as the pillars that used to rather get in the way have gone, to open the space up properly.

There’s also a completely new shopfront – replacing the increasingly creaky wooden-framed doors and windows with a fully-glazed affair, which looks quite a bit better from the street. And a new name, of sorts – as Khan’s Restaurant has become Blossom by Khan’s. And we’re pleased to report Khan’s are still providing a very decent curry! The specialities are the main event, with some quite interesting options that do go a little off the beaten track – albeit the core options are also available, as well as a few milder curries (and proper home-cooked breads) that are appreciated by your author’s resident pre-schooler.

It’s good to see this investment, which has created something much more contemporary, and in comprehensively dealing with the somewhat tired premises that were increasingly becoming their Achilles’ heel, should set Blossom by Khan’s up for a good few years.

Blossom by Khan’s. 159 Lavender Hill, Battersea SW11 5QH. And as we always say – if you live nearby and have the time to collect, calling for a takeaway in person’s a better way of supporting your local traders than paying a 34% cut to a company in California! 020 7978 4455.

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