Lavender Hill’s mystery weathervane

Perched on the turret roof of what’s now Dexter’s estate agents at the junction of Lavender Hill and Latchmere Road is a little-noticed weathervane. Once widespread and fashionable, and still quite a feature in the City of London where gilded weathervanes often reflect the trades and organisations that used to occupy the buildings below, weathervanes have fallen a out of favour and pass largely unnoticed.

This one still seems to be in decent working order should you ever want to know which way the wind is blowing. More intriguing is the elegant W&Co logo – it was presumably a reference to a business that used to occupy the building below (or, just possibly, the developer – given this was the most prominent part of the parade – though that sort of branding was rare among developers at the time), though our best efforts (and, it seems, those of others who had also previously spotted the weathervane) failed to uncover who W&Co were.

Update: we asked if our readers had any insight – and sure enough, the mystery was quickly solved! This was, going back a fair way, a branch of estate agents Winkworth, who have been around for much longer than we previously realised. They’ve been around in one way or another since 1835 and their ‘classic’ logo shown below (which seemingly hasn’t been used for a while by the business) bears a distinct similarity to the weathervane.

They haven’t moved far either, as there is now of course a much larger branch of Winkworth occupying almost the entire ground floor of the former office block opposite. We do wonder if Dexters (who now trade from the building) realise their rival’s sign is up on the roof…

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1 Response to Lavender Hill’s mystery weathervane

  1. Simon Coan says:

    This weathervane replaced a flagpole which used to fly a flag with the same logo. It also flew the Union flag on suitable occasions .
    The weathervane was commissioned as the flags had to be constantly replaced due ti there wearing out.
    A steeple jack hoisted the weathervane on his shoulders and climbed a ladder tied to the turret. An amazing feat not possible today . Health and Safety..
    The logo as mentioned is one not used today by Winkworth which originally included 1835


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