About Lavender-Hill.uk

David Curran, site author, standing in a row of bicycles

David Curran, main site author

Lavender Hill For Me is a community website working to support Lavender Hill, a neighbourhood of shops, restaurants and small businesses in Battersea.  We have no particular political affiliation, but work to promote the street and support development that can improve Lavender Hill and its immediate surroundings.  We therefore take a keen interest in projects and developments that could make the street a more welcoming environment, and help local businesses thrive.

In case you’re wondering, the reason we also go by the name Lavender Hill for Me is a reference to the refrain in Lavender Hill, a celebrated (but little known) 1968 song by The Kinks.

A few neighbouring community groups

We have a very local focus, but we’re lucky to be in an area with several community groups and local societies, as well as some active discussion groups, several of which have some interest in Lavender Hill.  Here’s a non-exhaustive list –

Clapham Junction Action Group – Campaigning and reporting on issues affecting the area as a whole, with an impressive campaign record on stopping excessively tall developments in the Clapham Junction area. While we have a more local focus than CJAG we unsurprisingly have many common interests (and indeed some common contributors) so you’ll often find us talking about similar things.

Battersea Society – Long established membership society with a strong track record dating back to the 1970s, focussing on the past, present and future of Battersea.  The society has an active interest in planning and development issues, including the early days of Battersea Square, and also organises a programme of talks and events.

The Junction – the website of the Clapham Junction Business Improvement District, delivering strategies and innovative projects to improve the trading environment for businesses, the shopping experience for residents and visitors, and to drive tourism – all within a safe and welcoming environment while benefitting from opportunities to coordinate activity and save money. (also very active on twitter).

Love Battersea – A driving force behind the never ending battle to stop people confusing Battersea and Clapham Junction with Clapham!  (most active on twitter).

And, slightly further afield…

Friends of Clapham Common – Working to protect and improve Clapham Common, as an active environmental group of some 500 members, and running projects to improve the biodiversity of the Common and restore its buildings and facilities

The Wandsworth Society – A non-political community environment group, formed in 1971 with a focus on Wandsworth’s buildings, open spaces, rivers and transport – in some ways the sister of the Battersea Society. As you might expect for locations so close, the Wandsworth Society has many common interests with CJAG and us.

Summerstown182 – Further afield (Summerstown’s the area near the old greyhound stadium between Earlsfield and Wimbledon), but in here because of the quality and depth of content on their website! Local history, points fo interest, and latterly lockdown self-guided walks right across the area. Second to none.

Go Earlsfield – Used to report quite regularly on developments in the Earlsfield area, though now seems to have gone dormant.

And a few active local discussion groups –

Nextdoor – It’s like a local version of Facebook – but based around real names and specific locations; about a third of the neighbourhood is a member.  Its primary activity is people looking for trustworthy plumbers, debates about social distancing and reports of stolen bicycles and lost cats – but it’s also quite active in the area on community issues.  We post some of our articles on Nextdoor where they may be of wider interest.

Nappy Valley Net – Very active community website covering everything from schools to plumbers, with a sideline in local developments, retail and supporting local traders.  NappyValley was initially focussed on mums in the Northcote Road area but has considerably broadened both its membership and geographical scope to include the Lavender Hill area – indeed, don’t be surprised if you see some of our reports featured on Nappy Valley’s news section.

And sources of local updates –

Newsie is a local news aggregator – covering CJAG, Wandsworth Council, and  others as well as their in-house reports.  Well worth following if you want to be up to date (our posts are also reported via Newsie) – especially as we don’t currently run a Twitter feed of our own.

South London press.  Probably our last notable local newspaper, after the Wandsworth Guardian was subsumed in to the wider Newsquest empire, renamed the Wandsworth Times, and lost both paper distribution and much of its more local content. The South London Press is based in Charlton, partly funded by donations, and does actually have reporters and covers proper local news. It’s distributed fortnightly in paper form in a variety of local locations.