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In pictures: Wandsworth’s newest Council estate

‘Luxury’ flats are flying up everywhere – but it’s not every day that you see a new estate made up entirely of rental properties owned by, and run by, a local Council. But that’s exactly what has just been completed … Continue reading

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The Cedars Road Estate: A tale of two ambitious architects

Estate agents all love the Shaftesbury Estate – and it’s easy to see why, with hundreds of oh-so-desirable little cottages just waiting to be snapped up by well-heeled buyers. There’s a lot less said about our other estates like the … Continue reading

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Several new cycle sheds on the streets & estates around Lavender Hill

Last summer a whole bundle of new on-street cycle hangars were announced, with 74 planned for streets and another 15 for estates across Wandsworth. They’re useful facilities, in a borough with one of the highest numbers of cycle commuters in … Continue reading

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An unusual new house for the Shaftesbury Estate

We regularly write about interesting and planning applications – and this one on Heathwall Street below Battersea Arts Centre certainly makes a change from the usual run of bi-fold doors and mansard loft extensions. The site is currently a row … Continue reading

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A new ‘tiny house’ house for Marney Road?

We have a curious fascination for tiny houses, fitted on to implausibly small scraps of spare land – and proposals crop up regularly in planning. We’ve previously covered tiny house plans on Sugden Road, and at what later became a … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Ashley Crescent at dusk

Dusk falls over the quiet green space between the flats on Ashley Crescent, with a glimpse of the brighter lights of Lavender Hill in the background. One of many estates of similar design, the architect of Ashley Crescent was L. … Continue reading

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Work begins on the controversial block of flats on Parma Crescent

We’ve been following the twists and turns of a proposed development on Parma Crescent (on the opposite side of Lavender Hill to Asda) for some time. Developers bought a small house with a large garden, and went through a series … Continue reading

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A new start for this rather sad cluster of empty buildings on Wandsworth Road?

The junction of Wandsworth Road, North Street and Silverthorne Road has seen happier days. Dilapidated buildings, broken windows, peeling paint, and an air of abandonment, suggest the world has moved on from this little bit of our neighbourhood- in marked … Continue reading

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The Gideon Road Estate, off Lavender Hill, is getting several new buildings

It’s of the largest building projects on Lavender Hill for years: Wandsworth Council has finally got work underway to build new housing in “spare” bits of land in the Gideon Road Estate. Demolition to clear the site happened well over … Continue reading

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An update on the interesting Wixs Lane development

Way back, we reported on a residential development being proposed on Wixs Lane, which would replace the car park of Dacres House (a block of flats on Cedars Road) with two semi-detached modern houses (one three-bed and one four-bed). Several … Continue reading

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