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The complex past & intriguing future of the Boots site on Falcon Lane

Falcon Lane doesn’t really feel like the rest of Clapham Junction. Rather than dense Victorian streets, it has more of an “out-of-town retail park” vibe, with car parks and single storey warehouse buildings. The buildings that house Asda, Lidl, and … Continue reading

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The Lavender Hill / Latchmere Road junction is being rebuilt

It’s been planned for some time, but works are now underway on rebuilding the Lavender Hill / Queenstown Road / Elspeth Road junction. It follows an investigation by the Coroner, John Caller, in to the tragic death in 2016 of … Continue reading

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Part of the Queenstown Road cycle route’s set for an upgrade – but the worst bit may not see much change.

Plans are being developed to improve the cycle lane along the northern end of Queenstown Road. As the last chance for cycle commuters from much of south west London to safely cross the river before the nightmare of Vauxhall gyratory, … Continue reading

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The long-planned second entrance to Queenstown Road station may still be on track

It’s been a while, but there’s finally a little bit of progress on the planned new entrance to Queenstown Road station. The Battersea Exchange development that’s funding it is complete, but in February last year we noted that things had … Continue reading

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The Milkman still delivers to Lavender Hill

It’s a long-lost sound many of us remember from our childhood – but it’s not gone away. If you’re awake in the early hours in Lavender Hill, you may hear the familiar sound of an electric milk float, and the … Continue reading

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Work starting to improve the Lavender Hill / Queenstown Road junction

Back in January we reported that following 17 accidents at the junction in three years (cars crashing into nine cycles, five pedestrians and two motorbikes), Lambeth are planning to make some design changes to make it safer. Work is now … Continue reading

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Should the speed limit on Lavender Hill stay at 20 or be increased? Have your say…

Back in 2017, the speed limit on most of Wandsworth’s roads was cut to 20mph. Driving much faster than that on narrow side streets full of parked cars, small children and cats wasn’t very safe in any case – which … Continue reading

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Cycle lanes, 20mph, school streets, bollards and planters… what’s going on with Lavender Hill’s traffic?

It’s been a dramatic year in traffic terms! After a deathly calm early on in the lockdown, there’s no doubt that the traffic on Lavender Hill and some of the residential streets has been pretty busy! We’ve also seen a … Continue reading

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A new cycle lane – and less car parking – on Lavender Hill

The Coronavirus is changing travel habits – with a steep drop in bus & train use, and a similarly steep increase in journeys by cycle or in cars. And our roads are being adapted to this. Lavender Hill has always … Continue reading

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Coming soon, to a lamp post near you: Electric car chargers

Something unusual’s happening to all the lamp posts on Clapham Common Northside. You may have seen it yourself – what usually happens is a gentleman in hi-viz digs holes about two feet deep, throws in a big copper grid, wires … Continue reading

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