Reopened: Maiella Worth Cafe

The new ‘Maiella Worth’ Italian cafe & restaurant is open again, after being mysteriously closed for three weeks. Apparently there was an unpaid electricity bill from the previous tenants (a very big one – years’ worth!) which they only found out about when the power was suddenly disconnected… cue a lot of cost and delay to get the power on again.

Do visit, for fresh baked croissants and pastries, good coffee and food from the Abruzzo region of central Italy (including pasta made on site), partly as it’s a really welcoming place but also because a sudden three week shutdown with a large reconnection bill is the sort of nightmare every small business dreads; it’s hard to get back on track. At the time of writing there’s also a £3 raffle with a pretty high probability of winning a large easter egg (as I understand they bought the stock in just before the unexpected closure 🙂 ).

Maiella Worth, 789 Wandsworth Road. Open from 7:30 most days; menu here.

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