A chance Google Street View encounter in Clapham

On a sunny day back in May, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited Charles’ namesake the Prince of Wales pub in Clapham Old Town, pouring himself a pint of very locally brewed Sambrooks’ Wandle bitter. This was a short visit to celebrate thye resilience of our high streets, and they also stopped off at Trinity restaurant, having a chat with Moen’s & Moxons who supply the restaurant, dropped in to the Omnibus theatre, Birksen floorists, Rex & Wolfe pet shop, a barber shop and Clapham Fire station – where the crew stood to attention to welcome them.

And as chance would have it, this day was the precise day Google Street View’s cars decided to drive by and take their photo of the fire station for 2021. So if you look at Google’s street view image of the street by the fire station, you’ll see our firefighters in full regalia.

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