Sprucing up Lavender Hill’s pavements

A small project has kicked off outside the Church of the Ascension, to re-pave the pavement with better quality materials.  It’s not granite like the work near the station, but these are decent quality slabs nonetheless.

This was unexpected, but it’s a very welcome development – experience elsewhere in the Borough suggests a better-looking street environment attracts more trade, and paving has a subtle but significant influence on the look and feel of the street.  Plus the Church is a real feature of the area, that ought to be given the best possible environment.

It’s an interesting place to start, though, as the old pavement here really wasn’t too bad, other areas are far worse!   The surface either side of Battersea Arts Centre is an eyesore and increasingly full of holes, and the eastern end of Lavender Hill towards Queenstown Road has some shambolic sections that have dubious accessibility and do nothing for the local businesses.  We’re hoping these areas see similar improvement.

Update, 17th May

It now looks as though a significant part of the street, on both sides, will indeed be repaved – we understand the south side will follow.  Definitely good news.

New paving being installed

Unloading of more new paving, on the eastern section of Lavender Hill opposite Battersea Business Centre

In other news, Lambeth will be resurfacing the heavily-potholed main road surface at the junction of Queenstown Road & Lavender Hill (it’s just across the Borough boundary) in the near future.

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