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Several new cycle sheds on the streets & estates around Lavender Hill

Last summer a whole bundle of new on-street cycle hangars were announced, with 74 planned for streets and another 15 for estates across Wandsworth. They’re useful facilities, in a borough with one of the highest numbers of cycle commuters in … Continue reading

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The new rooftop floor is appearing Clapham Junction’s landmark Arding & Hobbs building

The first signs of the new two storey extension have appeared on the roof of Clapham Junction’s former Debenhams, as part of the work to turn the upper floors in to an office building.  As we have previously posted, the … Continue reading

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The lost community & uncertain future of Culvert Road

It’s best avoided after dark. A winding footbridge, with suspicious yellow puddles and high walls either side that are hard to see over, followed by a big and somewhat muddy yard with stacks of flytipped debris, where you’re completely on … Continue reading

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In pictures: Lavender Hill’s fading mural still has plenty of charm

London is perfect territory for murals. Wartime destruction, postwar estate development, and the occasional over-ambitious road project all conspired to leave a lot of Victorian terraces sliced in two, with large messy-looking blank walls – occasionally with the odd chimney … Continue reading

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Brace yourselves for a flood of lamp post advertising banners

It’s tough being a local authority! Costs only ever go up, and the show has to be kept on the road with an ever smaller budget. Which is why we’re generally supportive of local authorities looking to find more creative … Continue reading

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A new tower on Battersea Park Road – with 213 flats!

Plans are being developed for a new 18-storey tower at the end of Culvert Road (the road running from the Shaftesbury Estate through the dodgy tunnel towards Battersea Park). This isn’t entirely surprising, as plans were approved a few years … Continue reading

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Changes at the Holy Trinity Church on the Common

It’s not every day you see building works on a church, especially one as prominent as the Holy Trinity, which sits in Clapham Common. But works are indeed afoot, with a view to modernising the facilities and dealing with some … Continue reading

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A new start for this rather sad cluster of empty buildings on Wandsworth Road?

The junction of Wandsworth Road, North Street and Silverthorne Road has seen happier days. Dilapidated buildings, broken windows, peeling paint, and an air of abandonment, suggest the world has moved on from this little bit of our neighbourhood- in marked … Continue reading

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Legal challenge to Lambeth on their approach to Clapham Common

Controversy has erupted again on Clapham Common, with a protest this morning at the ‘events service entrance’ – prompted by the prospect of major events starting up on the recently repaired eastern section. The Common has recently emerged from nearly … Continue reading

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A new type of extension on the Shaftesbury estate

The quiet streets of picturesque Victorian houses in Battersea’s Shaftesbury Estate have an enduring appeal – but even its most fervent admirers have to concede that they’re not the biggest houses around. They were built by the Artisans, Labourers and … Continue reading

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