An ‘accidental’ sculpture for Lavender Hill’s new urban park


We’ve previously reported on Battersea Arts Centre’s project to create a small urban park that would cover the whole of Town Hall Road as well as the raised platform next door (which had been built in the early 1970s as a viewing point with seating, set above storage units for the small block of flats next door, but which had pretty much become unused over the years).  One of the main features is a large twisted girder, an ‘accidentally’ produced sculpture that was pulled from the wreckage of the Great Hall fire in 2015, and salvaged rather than scrapped because it had ended up in an interesting shape (and shows just how intense the fire got).

And it’s finally arrived; our photo above shows it being installed on Friday, together with feature lighting.  It will later be surrounded by plants (we reckon the numerous yellow tanks are a water management system).

The rest of the site is also coming along nicely – everything has been resurfaced,. including the pavement in front of the main entrance (where the slightly work out paving stones have been replaced).  The photos below show the two Grade-II listed “K2” phone boxes, which have been cleaned, repainted and restored for use as a gardening hut for volunteer gardeners to use, and part of a service / storage area that is being built to hide the wheelie bins used by BAC.

For more details of what the park will eventually look like, see this post we wrote a year ago, when this was going through the planning process.  And our previous update on the building work is here.

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