Interesting new project on Wixs Lane

We see all manner of clumsy opportunist proposals for new buildings in the Lavender Hill area, especially when it’s a case of landlords trying to cram as many tiny and dark flats in to a space as possible – but from time to time we see some rather good designs and this is an example of one of them.  This small development is set to go ahead on Wixs Lane, replacing replace the car park of Dacres House (a block of flats on Cedars Road) with two semi-detached modern houses (one three-bed and one four-bed).

Several other plans were previously developed for this site, including blocks of flats – all of which were withdrawn or rejected, before new architects (Add Architects) developed this proposal which now has full planning approval.  The development is being taken forward on behalf of the owners of Dacres House (the block of flats next door).

It’s a decent example of a proportionate use of a site – not cramming things in to every possible space, and putting all the parking and servicing in to the ‘underground’ areas to allow as much light and space as possible on the main living floors.  Both the houses have outdoor space, and they’ve been fairly thoughtfully designed for the location, with brick echoing the Victorian houses to the left but a design that echoes the Cedars Road Estate buildings on the right.  The living room of one house faces south, and the other north, allowing both a good degree of privacy despite the compact urban site.  

wixs 2Planned view from Wixs Lane (© Add Architects)

Wixs Lane is the rather steep path that leads from Lavender Hill to the Wix School.  Here’s a Google Street View extract showing the location of the development (roughly where the orange star is).  Wixs 3The current view (© Google StreetView)

The existing long access ramp that leads from Wixs Lane to the car park will remain in use, as the entrance to the garages and lower floors of the new development – it’s visible in the bottom right hand corner of the artists’ impression below.

wixs lanePlanned aerial view (© Add Architects)

This seems a decent project; it should be a good quality addition to the area.  

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3 Responses to Interesting new project on Wixs Lane

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  2. Paul says:

    Nice to see proper family homes being built rather then yet more luxury flats!


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