Work starts on the urban park next to BAC

Back in December we reported on plans to convert the street next to BAC in to a small urban park.  This was a popular proposal, even though (as we noted) some of the finer details were still likely to need to be ironed out on what is a complicated patch of land with many different owners.  The good news is that work has now started on the site – it’s fenced off and the existing pavement has been pulled up.    IMG_20190718_170617108The roof of the storage sheds attached to the neighbouring flats has also been cleared.  The intention is for this rather underused space to house plants, as well as a twisted roof girder that was rescued from the fire in the Grand Hall, and which will be reborn as a feature set among the plants.


The whole idea behind the ‘urban park’ is a good bit of creative thinking by BAC, and this will definitely be a welcome improvement on what was there before, and bring a little green in to a space that wasn’t used for much other than deliveries and occasional storage of materials.  The plans provide for some outdoor seating for the Scratch Bar.

Having a more attractive exterior space will also help to make BAC more attractive as a venue for hire, and support the development of the shared workspace on the lower ground floor – an important stream of income for any business, and especially important given that BAC (since it which is now independent from Wandsworth) has to stand on its own feet financially.

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