30 new flats and houses are on the way north of Lavender Hill

In one of the largest developments on Lavender Hill for some time, Wandsworth Council is planning to start work on the building of 26 flats and 4 large houses, spread across seven different buildings mostly on “spare” bits of land in the Gideon Road Estate.  These are all set to be Council-owned, and are mainly designed to accommodate residents who are being moved out of the Winstanley Estate ahead of its partial demolition and redevelopment.

The biggest of them all is to be built on a set of garages and parking spaces at the western end of Gideon Road – creating 15 flats and three large houses (going up to six bedrooms!).  Our future new neighbours will do quite well out of this move, as the proposed buildings are rather better quality than most on the part of the Winstanley estate that’s being redeveloped, and several of the flats and houses have decent sized gardens.Gideon after aerial.pngHere’s a ‘before and after’ of the entrance to the large area of garages and car parking at the back of the Gideon Road estate – the balcony visible on the right in the first photo is part of the privately owned set of flats and houses that were built a few years ago (Westmoreland Apartments).

The development aims to recreate the surface car parking spaces used by residents of Gideon Road, but the garages will not be replaced.

The second biggest is a set of eight flats in a pair of similar-looking buildings essentially filling in the ’empty corners’ of the Tyneham Close block of flats which are currently a small paved area sometimes used for a kickabout, and an empty space – here’s a ‘before and after’ of one of these buildings:

The third, and smallest, is a three-bed house and three flats, replacing a row of garages in the sunken car park area behind The Crown.  The house, and one of the flats, have small gardens.Lavender garages.pngThis map shows roughly where all the new buildings are set to be built – they essentially fill in all the empty spaces in the Gideon Road estate.  We understand there was some thought of also ‘filling in the gaps’ directly facing Lavender Hill as well, but this was discarded (just as well, as the large trees would have been cut down, and the three parallel blocks of flats would have lost a great deal of daylight if the area had been built on).Site map.jpgThis map, drawn from the planning application, shows the original plan for the Gideon Road estate.  It’s surprising to learn that it was, apparently, designed in the early 1970s as a single coordinated plan for around 200 houses and flats (as a partial redevelopment of the Victorian-era L’Anson and Townsend estates that were previously on the site), as walking around it it often feels as though it’s really several separate and unrelated developments that are loosely combined, with strange dead ends and some rather confusing footpath routes.  Gideon Road Estate.pngOriginal plan of the Gideon Road Estate, (c) Wandsworth Borough Council

All of these developments already have full planning permission – approved back in early 2017).  It wasn’t particularly controversial at the time, maybe thanks to the proposed buildings generally being reasonably scaled, and the widely recognised need for decent quality affordable housing.  There was concern at the loss of car parking (even though the garages were privately let, and a fair few were out of use, the cars in those that are being rented still have to go somewhere after the garages are knocked down).

IMG_20190111_121610169.jpgOther issues raised at the time included reduced light to some areas, and also concerns that a small minority of the tenants from the (somewhat troubled) part of the Winstanley that’s being redeveloped might not be too welcome on the calm and neighbourly Gideon Road estate.

This development looks set to start in the not-too-distant future, as ground surveys and the like are already taking place – typically suggesting build may be underway within a year or less.  Some public rights of way have also already been eliminated in the Gideon Road garages  section of the development (as they’re set to be covered by buildings) – the picture to the right shows the application to change some of the areas open to public access.

Planning / design images (c) Wandsworth Borough Council, aerial view extract (c) Google


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4 Responses to 30 new flats and houses are on the way north of Lavender Hill

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  2. I came across this article and it was very offensive.
    The last 2 paragrah is talking about people from minority.

    It talks about people living on york and winstanley are somehow trouble people specifically minority people.
    It very condescending when putting people on boxes and being judge to their appeareance or race it is unacceptable and it is a prejudice against people from different backgrounds.

    Within the community there are good, decent respectful people who works and want to be recognised and respected for their rights.

    I come from a minority community and I never had any previous conflict with my neighbours or with the laws, and I think a lots of my people who are from background community are also good.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Mrs Habebe


    • Dear Mrs Habebe – Thank you for your comment. I can reassure you that when the article refers to ‘small minority of the tenants’, we are saying a small proportion of the people overall who cause crime and disorder, not to a specific ‘minority group’ – i.e. making the point that while the Winstanley has undoubtedly had problems with crime in recent years, it is only small fraction of those who live there that cause it; the huge majority are not causing trouble. There’s absolutely no suggestion that it’s people of any particular appearance or race is specifically doing this.

      I should also note that we are only reporting on the various comments that were submitted by the general public on the planning application, but that when we read the comments that had been fed in (and we did read them all!), it was clear that they were not linking crime and disorder on the Winstanley estate to any particular appearance, race or ‘minority group’ either – it was the fear of importing the small fraction of ‘troublemakers’ that was being referred to.

      I think this is a confusion between the two different uses of the word ‘minority’; but hopefully this reassures you that there’s no offence intended here.


      • Mariam Abeba says:

        To whom it may concern

        Thank you for getting back to me I am content that represent a small minority or a group of people but because the word minority stuck for me not offence taken since you explain it.
        Myself coming from a minority background I wanted to speak up.


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