Lavender Hill streetscape upgrade works complete – a big improvement

The roughly year-long streetscape work by Wandsworth Council on Lavender Hill is complete – with new pavement surfaces along the entire length of the street, new LED street lighting, new surfacing of most of the road, new wider pedestrian crossings with extended speed humps, a few new trees, and (most recently) adhesive gravel surrounds to some of the trees to protect their roots & limit the litter that gathers in the tree cutouts.  The final small (stone-paved) section outside BAC is set to be upgraded next year.

We understand some clever financial engineering went in to pay for all this work (which came in at close to £700k), including grants from London-wide funds, and a bit of funding from the contributions of Nine Elms developers.

It’s a definite improvement, making it a much more pleasant environment, and seems to have been appreciated by residents and traders.  The poor state of the street was a long standing issue for Lavender Hill for Me, and we’re very pleased to see this result.

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