Lavender Hill retail roundup – September 2021

A cluster of new businesses are on the way at the eastern end of Lavender Hill, which currently houses the street’s only cluster of empty shops. First up is the old Union Street Yoga, who were doing well until the pandemic and who are still in business on an online-only basis – but have, with some regret, had to hand the keys back after they weren’t able to agree a new lease on the premises. It’s currently being refurbished, and we understand that it is set to be a gym called Iron Bodyfit. That’s about all we know at the moment, though there are dozens of Iron Bodyfit gyms in France which may be related.

A few doors down the old BPM kitchen & bathroom showroom has reopened as Lavender Heating & Plumbing Supplies. Who, of course, know the area well – as this is a relocation from just around the corner on Queenstown Road. LHP are long-established local traders, having been here well over a decade (indeed, at one stage they ran two shops on Queenstown Road), with the plumbing in many of the houses round here having started its life there. This move will see them gain a larger and more practical shop, compared to their previous shop, which was picturesque but also a bit awkward to use as a plumbing store, being an unusual shape and split over two levels. The new location is also an easier location for vans to pull in next to the shop for larger purchases, and it’s conveniently close to Decor Express who sell a pretty complementary range of building and decorating materials. The showroom part of the new shop is still being finalised, but the distinctive copper light as well as the cast iron floor tiles have made it over from the old shop to the new. Meanwhile the old shop is up for lease.

There’s then a slight mystery at the former William Hill betting shop. Lots of work going on internally which looks to be to a good standard – but we don’t know who it is for (or if it;s being done speculatively by the landlord). If you do know let us know and we’ll update this!

The old Tennessee Fried Chicken is nearing the end of its refit to become a kebab shop that will operate as an extension of the adjacent Lavender Hill Fish and Chips. The fish and chip shop has been very successful, drawing customers from as far afield as Clapham North, and it’s good to see this vote of confidence in growing the business; if it’s run to the same standards it should do well.

As we wrote a few weeks ago, the Children of the Mekong shop is being converted to become No Boring Beer, whose sign is now up as they approach the grand opening.

There’s no news on the premises at 5 Lavender Hill (formerly the Cedars) or the barber shop at 7 Lavender Hill next door, though in both cases major renovation works on the buildings are essentially complete so we wouldn’t be surprised to see these ‘To Let’ in the near future.

As we reported back in February, Clapham Cycle were opening on Lavender Hill near the main post office, and are now fully up and running and doing a good trade in bike repairs & servicing, as well as selling accessories. There was a bit of comment at the time about them being another business confusing Clapham & Battersea – but in this case the names makes sense as they are run by a long established local cycle club called Clapham Cycle.

And finally, as we also reported in June, poor Donna Margherita had a kitchen fire that damaged the premises. They’re still closed at the moment, but with works well underway we’re looking forward to them being back in business again. As the country gets back to normal, we’re cautiously optimistic that the difficult past year and a half will fade, and that these new businesses (as well as the many shops & restaurants who bravely opened mid-pandemic) will see the benefit of it.

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3 Responses to Lavender Hill retail roundup – September 2021

  1. Lisa says:

    I see on Google maps that Iron BodyFit is set to open on 15 Oct. Interesting!


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