The Christmas Forest is back on Lavender Hill… and are expecting record sales this year

After a gloomy year, expectations are that Christmas tree sales will break all records as we all try to make the most of spending even more time at home rather more than we usually would be. Sales have already got off to a brisk start at the Christmas Forest, which has been trading at its regular December spot outside the Church of the Ascension on Lavender Hill for a few days now.

They sell trees of a few different types, with sizes from three feet to twelve (but mainly focussed on the midrange), as well as an assortment of lights and tree accessories. A few smaller trees grown in pots are also available, as well as a delivery option if you don’t want to carry the tree home!

The annual popup business has grown a fair bit over the years from its start at a site in Richmond, and Lavender Hill is now one of ten sites they run across London. They support Tree Aid with a per-sale donation (whose value is unspecified but some suggest around 80p-£1) which plants a tree in the Sahel (south of the Sahara desert) for each sale.  At the time of writing, mentioning the code ‘Festive 10’ should get you a 10% discount on all trees – Monday to Thursday.

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