Stormont Road: Car crashes in to the DayLewis pharmacy…

Not a good day for someone here – this car crashed in to another parked car at speed, and then slammed in to the wall of the DayLewis pharmacy at the junction of Stormont Road and Lavender Hill. It’s not too clear how they managed to crash backwards at sufficient speed to demolish part of the building… We understand no-one was injured – but the building’s looking to be in quite some trouble, with severe structural damage and a lot of bricks on the move. The car has awkwardly also hit not one but two gas meters (the bent-looking white pipe on the wall). It’s not looking great for the Stormont Road street sign which has been squashed; the other parked car which was also hit has lost its bumper.

Our firefighters were swiftly on hand to disconnect the power & gas and check the building was safe(ish).

The bit of the building that has been destroyed isn’t actually part of the pharmacy, but rather a small one-room office with its own access to the street that is let separately – so with some quick propping up it’s likely the pharmacy could be open again pretty quickly.

Speaking of which – Wandsworth Council have been in touch to let us know that the long-abandoned (and completely destroyed – it’s had quite some accident) back BMW that has been in the car park of the Stormont Road estate for over a year will finally be removed unless it is claimed by its owner. We suspect residents will appreciate having the parking space back, and wherever its owners are, we doubt they want it back…

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