Bus stops are being extended, to cope with the Coronavirus

This is Forthbridge Road bus stop, on Clapham Common Northside. It’s one of the first to be extended, to provide more waiting space – and to allow safe use of the pavement at the same time as the bus stop. A new section of pavement has been added to make sure that prams & wheelchairs can still use the bus boarding ramps. Note the rainbow too!

We can expect to see more of these extensions, which TfL call ‘bus stop buildouts’, at busy bus stops where pavements are narrow and traffic is fast. TfL are also considering relocating some bus stops away from places that are likely to generate crowds or queues on the pavement – for example shops with external queueing areas, and cash machines.

Lavender Hill is already in a good place in terms of bus stops as it;s blessed with unusually wide pavements. The only case where this is likely to be particularly tricky is the stops near the junction with Queenstown Road, where the pavement is unusually narrow and the bus stop is busy – but there’s not really space to add one of these extensions.

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1 Response to Bus stops are being extended, to cope with the Coronavirus

  1. S.Wood says:

    The stop outside the tiki bar on Lavender Hill has always been impossible for social distancing. I’d like to see that improved permanently.


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