Making Lavender Gardens more accessible

IMG_20200222_124651477A few photos of the works underway to create a new access path to Asda from the Dorothy Road – removing the steps.  We first reported on this small but helpful project back in January last year.  This will help accessibility – the steps were originally clad with distinctly slippery terracotta tiles, and were a headache for prams or frankly anyone who struggled with steps.  IMG_20200222_124641753The design has been refined since the original plans were announced – it was originally a direct line but we now have a gentle curve to better integrate with the park. It’s all being paid for by the Local Fund – that is, money paid by the firms building big new developments, towards local facilities.IMG_20200222_124709051The helpful new street light installed a couple of years ago on this previously dark stretch has mysteriously vanished during the works, but we’re assuming it’s getting slightly relocated now that the ground level has reduced.

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