Update: Work to start on new access to Asda



Works are about to start in Lavender Gardens to create a new access path to Asda from the Dorothy Road – straightening the pathway and removing the steps.  We first reported on this small but helpful project back in January last year.

The main benefit is accessibility – although there is a longer route round the front of the Asda complex, it’s still quite a familiar sight to see prams struggling down these steps, and anyone who struggles with steps has to go the long way round.  Asda certainly won’t be too sad to see the back of the steps, which were initially clad with distinctly slippery terracotta tiles and which have seen about five different attempts to create a properly non-slip surface, with very varying degrees of success, over the years.

This is also helpful for safety, as (coupled with the new street light installed a year or so ago, in what was previously a very badly lit spot) it’ll improve sight lines and visibility.  As part of the works, the benches currently facing Dorothy Road will be relocated inside the park. The two pictures below are the artists’ impression of what the passageway will look like (looking away from Asda, and towards Asda) once works are complete.


This small project is being paid for by the Wandsworth Local Fund – money the Council secures from the developers of new flats in the Borough as part of their planning permission, which is used to make improvements to the neighbourhood.

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