Campaigns and plans

There are many things that could be done at a fairly low cost, in the medium term, to improve the environment of Lavender Hill.  One example is the couple of short dead-end side streets that lead off the eastern end of Lavender Hill, which were chopped off during some of the comprehensive redevelopment to the north in the 1970s (Audley Close & Bassnett Road).  These feel like a lost opportunity, with scruffy road surfaces, frequent flytipping, and a feel of dereliction.  However if they were tidied up and improved, they could be real assets to the area.


The images below show what this could look like – drawing from the similar dead ends off St Johns Road, while trying to preserve parking space –


There are plenty of similar projects around, that show this type of change can be achieved with modest budgets and in a durable manner –


A particular issue is the car parking, which remains important – car parking is a complicated issue but there is plenty of space to accommodate cars and public space, these sketches show potential before & After layouts –



We’ve prepared a few documents setting out what could be done at the eastern end –